In order to become a registered BSA leader, a standard background check and basic leader training is required in addition to the required PA Act 15.  For more information on PA Act 15 click here.  Training is an important factor in the Scouting program; it is vital to ensuring a safe environment where Scouts can feel comfortable.  Training is also important because it gives leaders the tools they need in order to properly solve problems that their unit might encounter.  The end result is a better functioning unit and more fun for the Scouts.  Explore the sections below to learn more about the various types of training that Minsi Trails Council offers.

Youth Protection

Youth Protection training MUST be taken before applying for any leadership position or volunteer role.  Clicking this link will take you to the MyScouting training network, where adults can take the Youth Protection course online.  Proof of course completion is required when submitting an adult application.  Youth Protection training must be renewed every 2 years.

Basic Leader Training

The specific training that a Scout leader is required to take depends on the position that he/she is applying for.  Click this link to learn more about the different positions available in your unit and the training that each of them requires.

Training Schedule

Click here to search for specific training courses or browse through upcoming sessions.

Supplemental Training

These optional training courses include additional leader training for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing leaders; an introduction to outdoor leader skills; and the popular Wood Badge course.  These courses help leaders refine their leadership skills beyond the basics and learn about new resources that they can use to help improve their unit.



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